1. Focus on the benefit instead of the technology

For examples:

  • If it can reduce the technical complexity and speed up the development process for the team
  • If it can make the system more reliable
  • If it can simplify…


Would the visitors of your site get more value out of a full color images than dithered images?

Or would they benefit more from faster loading times, and saving money on data?

There is no ‘printf’.

Analysis different behaviour of printf returns(due compiler optimization)

  • replace with put



The Architecture of Open Source Applications



port scan + IPTV (RTP Multicast Stream)

Maybe don’t use Kubernetes events for automation

  • no ordering guarantee
  • data-loss at downtime

How Google, Twitter, and Spotify built a culture of documentation

Have documentation integrated to daily coding workflow, e.g. have documented generated from code so that developer and write as they code instead of write it on a different site


DNS in Google Sheets


compose vector graph from browser


A collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives to common unix commands.


Power home using AC instead of DC?

Curves and Surfaces

simple rules of repeated linear interpolations of straight segments end up creating delightful Bézier curves

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