Weekly Digest #34


  • Potential for change
  • Lead by example
  • Normalize asking questions
  • Show that on-call response matters
  • Show that everyone’s time is valuable
  • Remain familiar with the system
  • Stay close to your customers
  • Spot systemic issues
  • Improve training materials
  • Gain the respect of your team
  • To achieve anything significant you need funding
  • To get the funding you need to persuade the people with the money to part with it
  • To persuade the people with the money, you need to understand what they value
  • To understand what they value, you need to understand how their cash flows work
  • To understand how their cash flow works, you need to understand:
  • your customers/clients and how and why they part with their money
  • the legal and regulatory constraints on your business and how it operates


  • turn off auto-indent :set paste
  1. autofocus on the first field
  2. use specialized mobile keyboards
  3. validate fields immediately
  4. make labels clickable
  5. show password requirements when users are choosing a password
  6. let users see their password
  7. use button text to expose the value waiting for users on the other side
  8. allow for single sign-on
  9. save a click by notifying users they agree to the terms of service (not requiring their explicit permission)
  10. use different terms for “sign in” and “sign up”
  11. allow easy switching between “sign in” and “sign up”
  12. log in with email, not username
  13. if the user guesses an invalid password, say why it’s invalid
  14. remember typed values between password attempts
  15. the “reset password” screen should remember which email you already entered




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