Weekly Digest #35


Playing games with an attacker: how I messed with someone trying to breach the CryptoWall tracker

The author tells a story of how he tries to uncover the attacker through fake websites, fake SQL dump and Tor exit nodes

Never a dill moment: Exploiting machine learning pickle files

The PM(Pickle Machine) contains two opcodes that can execute arbitrary Python code outside of the PM, pushing the result onto the PM’s stack: GLOBALand REDUCE.

GLOBAL is used to import a Python module or class, and REDUCE is used to apply a set of arguments to a callable, typically previously imported through GLOBAL.

Loading pickle file can result in malicious program to execute. We can use flicking to detect this



Interactive Deep Learning Book with Multi-Framework Code, Math, and Discussions


profile-summary-for-github (vue + kotlin)



A visualisation of the commit history in git



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