Weekly Digest #38


GitHub URL Hacks

Profile image: https://github.com/user.png

Publish SSH keys: https://github.com/user.keys

Publish GPG keys: https://github.com/user.gpg

User feeds: https://github.com/user.atom

Email Classification (slack)

How slack classifies email into internal/external.

Realtime data are feed in to provide domain knowledge while maintaining low compute footprint.

Self-healing (periodic full data fetch) are performed to prevent data drift


Let’s Build a Simple Database

Writing a sqlite clone from scratch in C

Dark Mode in One Line of Code!

html {
filter: invert(1);



a Python library for video editing (back by ffmpeg): cutting, concatenations, title insertions, video compositing (a.k.a. non-linear editing), video processing, and creation of custom effects. See the gallery for some examples of use.


The traffic light gets a dazzling, 21st century makeover

innovation on the traffic light

Why we’re blind to the color blue

Our brain extracts some color information from the blue channel, but delegates sharpness to the red and green channels which are in focus.

Eyes focus on the colors where it is most sensitive. The focal point is placed between the peaks of the red and green receptors and blue is left blurry.




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Insecure Data Storage

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Demystifying Classes

How to boost speed with just one key

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