Weekly Digest #41


Is Hybrid Work the Future of Work for Developers?

Questions to ask to manage hybrid strategy:

  1. Why is hybrid right for our organization? How should we adapt it to our company’s unique culture?
  2. How will our employees’ voices guide our transition?
  3. How will we roll this out? Gradually or all at once?
  4. What does flexibility look like in our company?
  5. How will we equip our managers for this new way of working? What do they need to learn to deliver a consistent employee experience remotely and in-office?
  6. Where will we see costs increase, decrease, or shift?
  7. How will we evaluate what works and what doesn’t?

The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2021

Sunsetting PHP Faker

Tells a story about the thoughts and decision the author went through to retire a 26k star library


IoT for Beginners — A Curriculum

An excellent 12-week, 24-lesson about IoT basics. Covering industry from farming, logistics manufacturing to retail and consumer.



Golang Security Checker


A free math tool providing information about any positive integer (up to 9223372036854775807), such as its factorized form, its divisors, its classification, or its arithmetic properties (widely used in the field of number theory).


The real story of Pixar

How a bad hardware company turned itself into a great movie studio\

Study: Consumption of music streaming declined significantly during COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide




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Weekly Dev Blog

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