Weekly Digest #43


  • HTTP template
  • Inline Template
  • Conditional Based Retry Strategy
  • DataFlow Pipeline
  • Collaboration (Taking the time to socialize with teammates and fellow employees can improve collaboration and communication by 50%.)
  • Communication (Practice active listening, Speak confidently and clearly, Use appropriate body language)
  • Empathy (Embodying what someone else is experiencing)
  • Patience (Recognize your frustrations)
  • Problem-Solving and Creativity (Don’t shy away from problems; embrace solving them and ask for help where needed.)
  • Accountability (If you didn’t make that particular error, it’s possible someone else would. By owning up to it, you help prevent your colleagues from making those blunders)
  • Open-Mindedness (When you shut down your mind, you neglect to see novel solutions or more projects you can take on.)






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