Weekly Digest #43


Argo Workflows v3.2

  • HTTP template
  • Inline Template
  • Conditional Based Retry Strategy
  • DataFlow Pipeline

Data Lineage at Slack

Data lineage refers to the ability to trace how and where data sources are used.

As datasets become more complex and the number of contributors grow, it becomes more and more difficult to understand the relationships between different data sources.

Having a solid understanding of data lineage makes operational maintenance much easier. e.g. a common request of data engineering teams is to backfill a table after a bug is fixed in its source data.

Top 7 Soft Skills Developers Need to Succeed

  • Collaboration (Taking the time to socialize with teammates and fellow employees can improve collaboration and communication by 50%.)
  • Communication (Practice active listening, Speak confidently and clearly, Use appropriate body language)
  • Empathy (Embodying what someone else is experiencing)
  • Patience (Recognize your frustrations)
  • Problem-Solving and Creativity (Don’t shy away from problems; embrace solving them and ask for help where needed.)
  • Accountability (If you didn’t make that particular error, it’s possible someone else would. By owning up to it, you help prevent your colleagues from making those blunders)
  • Open-Mindedness (When you shut down your mind, you neglect to see novel solutions or more projects you can take on.)


Understanding Convolutions on Graphs

A Gentle Introduction to Graph Neural Networks


PlayCover, run iOS apps & games on M1 Mac with mouse, keyboard and controller support.

Avataaars generator (ts)


Is it time to reconsider the keyboard pants?


Wallpapers for the Mac inspired by O’Rear’s Bliss photograph in the minimalist styles of the macOS Big Sur/Monterey wallpapers.



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