Weekly Digest #47


from many individual training data generation pipelines and models with different feature-set

to using unified precomputed embedded feature with single model

result in improvement in engagement, diversity, infra cost.

Short Fat Engineers Are Undervalued

The 7 types of pull-requests

when creating a pull request, we think about:

  • How can I confidently get my code out of the door?
  • Will my changes pass the automated CI checks?
  • Will my changes pass a self-review? I.e. would I approve my own PR?
  • Will my colleagues be able to give me good feedback?

This translates to 7 types of pull-request:

  • No Pull Request/Ship (I’m so confident in my changes (e.g. documentation changes), I don’t need to see if they’ll pass CI. Ship it now!)
  • Never Merge (This is probably a proof-of-concept, and I want to see what the CI thinks of my approach. It may never leave draft)
  • CI Review (I’m confident of my changes, but I want the CI to check them. If they pass CI, they can be merged (e.g. using Github’s “Enable auto-merge”))
  • Self-Review (This is a CI review, but I want to review my own work as if I was one of the official reviewers.)
  • Look At This! (I want my colleagues to be able to take a look, as there is something new and interesting in this pull requests they’ll want to know about.)
  • Optimistic Merge (I want my colleagues to be able to take a look. I’m going to merge this as soon as it passes CI, but they’ve been notified and can review it if they want to.)
  • Pessimistic (I want my colleagues to take a good look. I’m not confident in my changes, and I know that at least one of my colleagues will be able to give good feedback on it.)


Optimise React APP

Optimising react app using React Developer Tools


procedurally generated fish drawings.


Turn (almost) any Python command line program into a full GUI application with one line


Play pong on the page’s icon

Pedestrians take to the streets of Paris to celebrate the city’s seventh annual ‘day without cars’



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