Weekly Digest #53


When users never use the features they asked for

  • If you make assumptions about your users, they will find a way to surprise you.
  • Features will go unused if they aren’t easy to use, no matter how great they are.
  • A user’s workflow is everything.

Hire for slope, not Y-Intercept

Candidates can have great potential but with little experience

Continuous improvements add up over time.

This project will only take 2 hours

An example of how a seemingly simple project can be underestimated


Creating a Personal Notification System for free with Telegram API

Add Images to Gastsby Blog



A curated list of awesome console services (reachable via HTTP, HTTPS and other network protocols).

Gatsby’s blog starter

Kick off your project with this blog boilerplate. This starter ships with the main Gatsby configuration files you might need to get up and running blazing fast with the blazing fast app generator for React.


Little Big World

tilt-shift photography with spectacular drone cinematography and amazing time-lapses

This Nuclear-Powered Game Boy Will Run for a Century



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