Weekly Digest #88

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3 min readAug 15, 2022


How to select a device configuration for site speed tests

  • Network Latency — how long does a network round trip between browser and server take?
  • Network Bandwidth — how much data can be transferred per second?
  • CPU Throttling — is the processor slowed down to simulate a mobile device?
  • Test Location — where in the world is the test run from?
  • Screen size — are you testing the mobile site or the desktop site?

Testing with a low-end device is a good way to identify potential performance optimizations.

It’s difficult to get lab metrics to match Core Web Vitals field data, but picking settings that are a bit worse than what’s typical for your users usually gets you close enough.

How can you be fooled by the U+202E trick?

A common technique, used by malicious attackers to fool their victims, is using the Unicode special character U+202E known as an annulment from right to left to make the malicious file appears as a PDF document instead of a potentially dangerous executable file.

make documentfdp.exe appear to be documentexe.pdf


Web Scraping with Python: Everything you need to know (2022)

  • Manually opening a socket and sending the HTTP Request
  • urllib3 & LXML
  • Requests & BeautifulSoup
  • Web Crawling Frameworks
  • Headless browsing

Pixar in a Box, a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs


ImHex A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers, Programmers and people who value their retinas when working at 3 AM.

koreader, An ebook reader application supporting PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2 and many more formats, running on Cervantes, Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook and Android devices


Why Hollywood Will Never Look the Same Again on Film: LEDs Hit the Streets of LA & NY

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