Weekly Digest #90

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3 min readAug 30, 2022


The Most Important Performance Management Rule For Software Engineers

onboarding issues:

  1. You Weren’t Ready For Your Report
  2. You Didn’t Set Clear Expectations For Your Report
  3. You Didn’t Unblock Things For Them
  4. Fuzzy Work

Lessons from Chaos Monkey: Embracing Chaos to Bring Order to Service Disruptions

Netflix’s Counterintuitive Solution to Improving Resiliency, using chaos monkey software tool. It does the equivalent of unplugging servers, breaking network connections, and unplugging databases to simulate an unreliable environment and enables teams and software to handle different outages.

The Ultimate Guide To Push Notifications For Developers

Why Use Push Notification

  • Push typically sees higher engagement than email — 20% open rate vs 2%;
  • Push doesn’t require users to hand over any personal information like an email address or phone number;
  • Push is cheap to send (unlike SMS which is upwards of 2c per message);
  • Push is quick to send;
  • Push has a high opt-in rate

Prompting Mistakes

  • Asking for permission immediately
  • Not telling users what notifications will contain
  • Don’t make it hard to opt-out
  • Don’t send too many notifications

Best practice

  • Messages should be timely, relevant, and previse
  • Use emojis, they tend to help CTR
  • Make sure your content is valuable
  • Personalize, use the subscriber’s name or something relevant to them
  • Use urgency and fomo to help increase CTRs on things like sales
  • A/B test to see what content and images perform better
  • Segment based on user behavior or preferences e.g. geographic location, level of engagement
  • Schedule per user’s timezone, make sure they don’t receive messages in the middle of the night
  • Keep the content short and…