Weekly Digest #97

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2 min readOct 17, 2022


Ways to Expand Your SaaS Business

  • Go Up-Market
  • Go Down-Market
  • Expand Product Lines (Same Buyer, Same Industry)
  • Expand to New Industries
  • Adding Services
  • Expand Geographically

Six Tips for Staying Technical as a CTO

  1. Be a Voracious Reader (you need to be able to consume data outside of meetings, and you have to learn to absorb information quickly)
  2. Code As a Hobby
  3. Participate in Hackathons
  4. Hire Well (It takes an enormous amount of time to run a team. If you have the wrong people in the wrong roles, then leadership takes even more time)
  5. Create a Team of Tech Advisors
  6. Clear Out Bugs and Backlog

Twin Anxieties of the Engineer/Manager Pendulum

  • Management is not a promotion, management is a change of profession. And you will be bad at it for a long time after you start doing it. If you don’t think you’re bad at it, you aren’t doing your job.
  • You may have struggled to get your first opportunity to manage a team. But it’s a whole different story once you’ve done the job. Now you have the skills and the experience, and people can smell it on you.
  • It takes more than one year to learn management skills and wire up your brain to like it. The minimum is two years
  • Why can’t I just make a career out of being a combo tech lead + line manager? You’ll stunt the growth of your team
  • I firmly believe every line manager should either be in the on call rotation or pinch hit liberally and regularly
  • The best way to have a sustainable career in tech is to make sure you a) know yourself and what makes you happy, b) spend your time mostly in alignment with that. Doing things that make you happy give you energy. Doing things that drain you are antithetical to your success. Find out what those things are, and don’t do them.


is vs == in python

  • is uses id(x)
  • == uses __eq__


OSS Insight Deep insight into developers and repos on Github

labml.ai Implementations/tutorials of deep learning papers with side-by-side notes

Browser In The Browser (BITB) Templates


Measuring dust with a Dylos air quality monitor

Life Stats